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Flirting With Girls - How To Flirt And Create Attraction

Flirting With Girls - How To Flirt And Create Attraction

It's often been said that the key to success when it comes to attracting girls is how skilled you are at flirting with them. Though I don't agree entirely with this being the single key to that success, I do agree with four of the finer points about flirtation and how to be good at it. It is a natural reaction to fear rejection. No matter how strong you are from an emotional standpoint, you still worry about this. With a lot of men, getting blown off by that beauty that you would love to meet can be devastating.
In a lot of instances, flirting comes naturally as if it were an inherent trait of a man's personality. But with other men, it takes a little bit of due diligence when learning the art of good flirting. Here's four tips to help you succeed.
Tip #1 - The most important aspect of flirting is your body language.
Research statistics state that her subconscious receives positive feedback about you when you spend 70% of the time looking into her eyes, and the other 30% looking at her mouth and the surrounding facial features. However, don't let those looks of attraction and interest turn into an empty stare. That will blow you out of the water quicker than anything else.
Tip #2 - Try to smile every chance you get.
It's a natural reaction in most women to feel apprehensive, insecure, and even a bit unsafe when they are first approached by a man. But if you are smiling when you confront her, she may be less apt to crawl into that protective shell that says "Leave me alone." So if you say hello, do it with a smile and avoid that air of cockiness that so many men seem to think is the major attractant. Just remember that this is not their true feelings (most of the time). It is what I call a psycho-emotional response to a man's approach --- unless of course that you radiate obnoxiousness --- in which case I hope she blows you off as rudely as possible.
Tip #3 - Be gentle in the ways that you tease with her.
When you talk about needing to be in touch with the sensitive side of things, another one of the biggest deal killers involved in meeting women is teasing too roughly with her. Teasing, if not done tactfully can progress from sweet humorous kidding around into razor-tongued cynicism in the blink of an eye if you haven't done your homework. First and foremost, never start off by teasing her. It will give her the impression that seriousness is not in your vocabulary when it comes to relationships. Follow up every tease with a reassuring comment and a smile.
Tip #4 - Make her feel that you are just trying to get to know her --- not that you want to take her to bed with you the first night.
It reassures her that you are truly interested in her, and that sex isn't the most important issue in any relationship. Besides that guys, if you just want a sex toy, either go to the local porn shop and buy one, or rent yourself a hooker for the evening.

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